Magazines & Newspapers


The collection includes numerous copies of newspapers and magazines which feature CH and has an extensive collection of press cuttings, many of which have been saved in scrapbooks which helps to identify the source of the cutting and its date.

Many of the most interesting articles about CH in the collection are illustrated, initially by engravings and later by photographs.  The earliest such magazine article was published in the British Magazine in 1766, accompanied by an engraving of the Royal Mathematical School.  Early in the 19th century, articles about CH which were illustrated with engravings appeared in magazines such as the European Magazine (1809), Busy Body (1816), Gentleman’s Magazine (1820), Penny Magazine (1832), Pinnock’s Guide to Knowledge (1834), and the Saturday Magazine (1840).

CH featured in the first illustrated newspaper, the Illustrated London News (ILN), two weeks after after its launch in May 1842, and continued to be featured regularly.  Other Victorian newspapers featured CH in illustrated articles soon after their launch, including the Pictorial Times (1843), the Illustrated News of the World (1858), Cassell’s Family Illustrated Paper (1859), the Illustrated Times (1862), the Penny Illustrated Paper (1862) and the Graphic (1870).

Appearances in magazines and newspapers became more frequent towards the end of the 19th century, including interesting, illustrated articles appearing in Punch (1872), Boy’s Own Paper (1883), the Art Journal (1888),  the Daily Graphic (1890), Black and White (1893), Pall Mall Magazine (1894), the Sketch (1897), the Quiver (1897), Navy and Army Illustrated (1900) and The Sphere (1901).  CH featured regularly in the London newspaper, the City Press

In the 20th century, CH has been featured regularly in a wide range of newspapers and in magazines, such as Sussex County Magazine, Country Life and more recently, All About Horsham, as well as in some specialised publications, of which one of the most obscure is “Electrical Storage - the official Organ of the Accumulator Makers’ Association, devoted to the use of Electrical Storage Batteries”.

On the left is the front page of The Sphere in March 1902, showing the Bluecoat boys playing their own brand of football on the asphalt in front of the Great Hall in London.