What’s On at Christ’s Hospital Museum

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Our Permanent Displays

There is always a great deal to see, enjoy and learn about at Christ's Hospital Museum whenever you visit us. With over 120 square metres of permanent display space, there is much on show from our rich and diverse collection of some 35,000 artefacts. Reflecting life at CH over five centuries, you can chart the history of our unique school from its founding in 1552, through its 350 years in London, its time at Hertford and finally Horsham since 1902.  

Extensive displays occupy what used to be the old isolation wards for the Infirmary or “Sicker”. CH boasts patronage from all British monarchs dating back to Edward VI, links with important historical figures such as Samuel Pepys, Isaac Newton, Captain Cook, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Charles Lamb, Edmund Blunden and Barnes Wallis. Yet perhaps the most interesting areas celebrate the day-to-day life at Christ's Hospital for its many generations of pupils and staff. Where else at CH can you marvel at a perfectly preserved 1902 Nurse’s Kitchen, a “Lav End” or observe how the uniform and customs at the school have changed, yet equally some remain unchanged for over 460 years?

If you’ve no idea what a “Beadle” did and you’ve never seen the “Punishment Bands” for Hertford girls, or indeed realised the devastating impact two World Wars had on CH in the 20th century or the harsh reality of life for pupils in the past….then you need to visit the Museum!

CH Verrio Tours
Tours of the school, known as Verrio Tours after the famous painting in Dining Hall by Antonio Verrio, are offered to visitors to the school by prior appointment.  Tours are guided by pupils, and provide a chance to look at the wonderful paintings, buildings and grounds as well as visiting the museum for a talk and a look at the permanent exhibition.  A full afternoon tea is provided in the magnificent Dining Hall.  Click on the left hand icon for a leaflet giving details of the tours and how to book.


Our Exhibition for 2017/18 - Christ's Hospital in the 20th Century

Click on the left hand image for details of our temporary exhibition, running from 29 April 2017 - 29 March 2018.